Near Rogla

Special Places

Lovren Lakes

The Lovren Lakes are located on a high bog in the middle of Pohorje near Rogla, approximately a one-and-a-half-hour walk away. It is an ideal trip for families and nature lovers. Surrounding the ruins are smaller lakes that rely solely on rainfall for water supply. A wood-paved path provides a clear view of the lakes, allowing visitors to walk on dry land instead of through the swamp. Walking in the swamp area is strictly prohibited. Additionally, at the start of the bog, there is a lookout tower that offers a panoramic view of the Lovren Lakes.

Hut at Pesek

A few kilometers away from the ski hustle and bustle, three kilometers from the hotels and apartments at Rogla, stands the mountain hut “Koča na Pesku” (Hut at Pesek). It is an excellent destination for hikers to take a walk through the forest, where they can enjoy delicious local cuisine and visit a horse farm.


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